Welcome! I am so glad you are here. My name is Taylor. I am a mama to a sweet baby boy and one on the way, a happy wife to my high school sweetheart, and a follower of Jesus. I love to garden, spend time outside reading or soaking up some sunshine, and bake all things sourdough! 

I created Midwest Nourishment out of a desire to glorify the Lord and His design for the products we put on our family's skin and use in our homes. When I was pregnant with my son, I realized that even the belly bump butters and diaper creams labeled "non-toxic, all natural" etc., were still full of cheap seed oils and devoid of nutrients. I have high standards for the things I want to use on my family's skin, so I started making whipped tallow with high quality beef fat that I sourced from a local farmer and organic jojoba oil infused with calendula I grew in my garden organically. I felt not only comfortable putting this on my newborn's skin, but also knew it would provide deep nourishment for him. I started making it for friends and family during nap time and on weekends and Midwest Nourishment was born! 

I am so humbled that you would choose to spend your hard earned money on our products. I truly hope that each jar of tallow or each herbal product you purchase blesses your family. 

With love, 

Taylor, creator of Midwest Nourishment



Branding photography was done by the incredibly talented Terri Whitley Photography. If you are local to Wichita, KS and need a family/newborn or birth photographer, Terri is your gal! Terriwhitleyphotography.com is how you can get ahold of her! 

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