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Midwest Nourishment, LLC

Goldenrod Tincture

Goldenrod Tincture

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Goldenrod is often mistaken for ragweed that makes allergies go haywire, but goldenrod is actually the BEST tool to those suffering from seasonal allergies. Goldenrod can help ease your drippy nose, watery eyes, and itching due to seasonal allergies (and some even say for those allergic to cats!)

Goldenrod is anti-inflammatory and can help dry up mucus in the upper respiratory tract from things like influenza, sinus infections, and bronchitis.

In the early stages of UTIs and kidney stones, goldenrod can be used as a diuretic to keep the kidneys flushes and prevent deeper infection from happening.

We use fresh goldenrod foraged locally to capture the height of the plant's vibrancy and potency for these tinctures and elixirs.

Contraindications: this may not be the herb for you if you have kidney or liver issues. It is recommended to increase water intake while taking goldenrod to help flush the kidneys.

Ingredients: fresh goldenrod flowers, 100 proof vodka

Comes in a 2oz amber glass dropper bottle

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