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Midwest Nourishment, LLC

Reishi Calm Elixir

Reishi Calm Elixir

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This reishi mushroom elixir uses a triple extract method I learned from Arielle De Martinez (you can find her website at along with her course offerings) and utilizes both heat and alcohol extraction to get as much of the beneficial polysaccharides into the elixir as possible. 

Reishi mushrooms are a powerful adaptogenic medicinal mushroom that helps the body adapt better to stress. It can help calm down a frazzled nervous system.

It can help the body's inflammation response by modulating inflammation at the source before it even begins rather than fighting inflammation once it has happened. This can be so beneficial for those struggling with autoimmune conditions.

Reishi is a really well rounded medicinal mushroom, but it has a special affinity for the liver and heart as well, and has been shown to help with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. 

For those suffering with seasonal allergies, reishi can be supportive when taken consistently as an antihistamine alternative. It can help strengthen and support optimal lung health.

Reishi has also been shown to have anti-canc3r properties and can support those going through cancer treatment by enhancing better outcomes and helping with fatigue associated with cancer/chemotherapy treatment. 

A fun fact about reishi is it is known to make "reishi babies" for mothers who take reishi while pregnant/breastfeeding. A reishi baby is known to be calm and wise in their demeanor! 

Ingredients: wildcrafted reishi mushrooms grown in the Pacific Northwest, non-GMO palm derived glycerin, local raw honey, reverse osmosis water

Our reishi elixir comes in a 2oz amber glass dropper bottle

Suggested use: reishi elixir is best consumed on a consistent basis for optimal results. Take 1-3 dropperfulls 1-3x/day. 

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