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Midwest Nourishment, LLC

Sourdough Starter with E-book

Sourdough Starter with E-book

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Have you wanted to try baking your very own fresh loaf of sourdough bread to slather in butter and enjoy with your loved ones? Now you can! 

This includes a packet of dehydrated sourdough starter AND a 15 page e-book packed with information on how to rehydrate your starter, how to take care of it, and my favorite tools. You'll also find my favorite resources on where to find recipes and more sourdough content, along with SEVEN of my favorite tried and true sourdough recipes, including the traditional artisan style boule. 

You'll get the e-guide delivered to your e-mail upon shipment of your sourdough starter, so be sure to include your e-mail address upon checkout. 

Sourdough is an incredible beginning to baking from scratch and it is NOT too complicated for you to start. My e-guide will make it super simple for you to include this into the rhythms of your homemaking effortlessly! 

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